Strict Quality Control

Even the precise manufacturing process still need the strict quality control, Di Chun does not only get several domestic rewards, but also approved by CE & ISO-9001 certifications. Di Chun insists its quality control through the tool of IMPACT Three Dimensional Testing and TESA Height Gauge to offer the best product to customers.

Product Advantages

It is smaller and lighter than the regular products, and it is more stable during high speed rotation, reduce the spindle loading.

Manufactured by aluminum alloy, it is lightweight, the machine can elaborate its features, and equipped with a safety lock mechanism

Parts standardization, high-speed, high clamping force, easy to assemble operation, and durable.

Low noise, pollution-free.

Precise Manufacturing Process

Chuck is the main component of the lathe; it’s not only lightweight and resilient, but also stable and solid.

Di Chun always insist traditional principle: “Quality Stabilized”, “Energy Efficiency”, “Standard specification”, and fully understand the trend of the world, in order to transcend the limit of our manufacture process, which based on innovative ideas and advanced technology.