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Ductile iron VS Gray iron

Cast iron is a necessary good partner for machining.

Different cast irons are used on different machines. There is two famous cast iron: ductile iron and gray iron

Large machine needs high bearing capacity and non-deformation fixture.

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Auto-Strong large chuck 21 inches or above (including) hydraulic power chuck uses "FCD600 Ductile Iron" material.

In ductile iron, graphite flakes are transformed into

tiny spheres through special processing methods.

These tiny spheres make ductile iron have better ductility and impact resistance.

Therefore, these graphite balls are called "Crack Terminators" because of their ability to prevent breaks.

AutoStrong’s philosophy and persistence is to provide the best quality for our customers.

AutoStrong products have global liability insurance every year,

which provides a layer of protection for your products with selected materials.

Large wedge type non through-hole power chuck (adapter excluded)

Chucking operations of very large components external or internal clamping.

Suitable for vertical lathe, due to the front protection of slide way.

Master jaw with manual radial setting function.

Gray iron

  • Low Cost
  • Good Shock Absorption
  • Inelastic
  • Low Plasticity
  • High Brittleness
  • Low Impact Force

Gray iron and ductile iron can be explained by two biscuits.The both of mechanical properties are different, and the way of breaking is also different.

Ductile iron

  • High Hardness
  • High Tensile Strength
  • High Ductility
  • Hard To Deform
  • Impact Resistance

The tensile strength of ductile iron is 60K, and gray iron is only 31k.

The yield strength of ductile iron is 40K. Gray iron does not clearly show the yield strength and the toughness is almost zero, which is easy to crack and break.

Ductile Iron Casting supply

  FCD350   FCD400 FCD450 FCD500 FCD600 FCD700
Meehanite SFF350 SFF400 SF400 SF420 SFP500 SPR600 SP700
China   QT400-18 QT400-15 QT450-10 QT500-7 QT600-3 QT700-2
Japan FCD350-22 FCD350-22 FCD400-15 FCD450-10 FCD500-8 FCD600-3 FCD700-2
USA   60-40-18   60-45-12 80-55-06   100-70-3
  D4018   D4512   D5506 D7703
UK 350-22 400-18   450-10 500-7 600-3 700-2
Germany GGG35.5 GGG40.3 GG40 GG25 GGG50 GGG60 GGG70
France   370-17 400-12   500-7 600-3 700-2
ISO   370-17 400-12   500-7 600-3 700-2

Gray Iron Casting supply

  FD150 FC200   FC250   FC300 FC350  
Meehanite GF150 GE200 GE225 GD250 GC275 GB300 GA350 GM400
China HT150 HT200   HT250   HT300 HT350  
Japan FC150 FC200   FC250   FC300 FC350  
USA class20 class25 class300 class35 class40 class45 class50/55 class60
G1800 G2500 G3000 G3500 G4000      
UK 150 200/180 220 250   300 350  
Germany GG15 GG20   GG25   GG300 GG35 GG40
France FGL150 FGL200   FGL250   FGL300 FGL350 FGL400
ISO 150 200   250   300 350