• 1974Established Yong Yu Machinery Factory on Zhenxing Rd. in Taichung, and manufactured 3-jaw scroll chucks professionally.
  • 1976Quality was affirmed by the machine tool maker, and 3-jaw scroll chucks started being mass produced.
  • 1977The group changed and established Di Chun Iron Work Co., LTD., and expanded business by relocating the factory to Yonghe St. in Taichung City. The R&D Department was established, and a range of interchangeable chuck jaws for hydraulic chucks were successfully developed.
  • 1978Purchased CNC lathes and Machining Centers, production becomes fully automated.


  • 1980Cooperated with ONO Machine & Tool Co. Ltd., as a joint venture, and successfully entered into the Japanese market.
  • 1982Researched and developed special purpose precision drilling machine and entered into the business operations.
  • 1984The operation of the whole factory was upgraded to computerized data management.
  • 1987Along with the government, the strategic components strategic standards were promoted and also entered into the research of jaws for CNC lathe chucks.
  • 1988Successfully researched and developed hydraulic 3-jaw scroll chucks and super high-speed rotary hydraulic cylinders for CNC lathes in cooperation with the Mechanical and Systems Research Laboratories of Industrial Technology Research Institute.


  • 1991Awarded the approval of MCS (Mechanical Component Standard) certification.
  • 1992Expanded the company’s operations, and increased the capital to NT$ 50 million, and relocated to the current address. Entered into the international automation equipment market.
  • 1993Established Beijing and Shenyang offices in mainland China. Promoted total quality control. Adopted 100% Meehanite for the main body of the 3-jaw scroll chucks.
  • 1995Passed the CE (Conformité Européenne) marking certification. The company officially changed the Chinese name to Di Chun Iron Work Co., LTD. (the English name remained the same). Products honored with Golden Tripod Award by the Air/Oil Hydraulic Society.
  • 1996Passed the ISO-9002 Quality Assurance System certification.
  • 1997Researched and developed the following items: M2511 high-speed rotary hydraulic cylinders (15”), MS Non through-hole rotary hydraulic cylinders with built-in safety device, MSC Non through-hole rotary hydraulic cylinders with built-in safety & detection device, and CT42 precision collet chucks.
  • 1998Researched and developed: V218 Non through-hole hydraulic chucks.
  • 1999Researched and developed: V244 Non through-hole hydraulic chucks.


  • 2000Researched and developed: finger chucks for aluminum wheels.
  • 2001Researched and developed: MM0933 and MM1033 through-hole rotary hydraulic cylinders.
  • 2002Researched and developed in June: HN06 ten thousand rpm hydraulic chucks and HG296 ten thousand rpm hydraulic cylinders. Passed the ISO-9001 Quality Assurance System certification in September.
  • 2003Researched and developed: HB4 boring mill, P165 floating plate center chuck, and N204- and NB-series extra-large through-hole chucks.
  • 2004Expanded the factory complex. Researched and developed: DR-series draw down chucks and BL-series ball swing lock chucks.
  • 2005Researched and developed: F52 12"~18" finger chucks for aluminum wheels.
  • 2006Researched and developed: F61 13"~22" and F66 17"~24" finger chucks for aluminum wheels.
  • 2007Researched and developed: V240(1000mm) Non through-hole hydraulic chucks and MS250C Non through-hole rotary hydraulic cylinders.
  • 2008Researched and developed: V250(1250mm) Non through-hole hydraulic chuck and VE263(1600mm) extra-large vertical lathe Non through-hole chucks.
  • 2009Researched and developed: ML-2816 extra-large through-hole rotary hydraulic cylinders.
  • 2010Researched and developed: ML-3320 extra-large through-hole rotary hydraulic cylinders.
  • 2011Researched and developed: VE 279(2000mm) Non through-hole hydraulic chucks and MS300C Non through-hole rotary hydraulic cylinders.
  • 2012Researched and developed: PB-ES600-275 pneumatic power chucks and MR250 Non through-hole compact rotary hydraulic cylinders.
  • 2013Researched and developed: PB-ES850-375 pneumatic power chucks and the factory was relocated to Precision Machinery Park to expand its operations.