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Auto Strong Well-known Reputation over 20 Years

20 years ago, when most Taiwanese enterprises which making a decision between OEM, ODM or OBM, Di Chun already insight for developing its own brand, “AUTO STRONG” was established by creativity and innovation. Di Chun has possessed 70% domestic market and become the pioneer beyond its competitors during a decade.
These achievements are created by all Di Chun members together.

Di Chun’s foundation is based on our professional team work.
In 1995, Di Chun was ahead of competitors to entering the European market by CE certification and domestic award.
Di Chun, a world- class factory, a symbol of good quality and a professional developing create the reliable product worldwide such as Great Britain, United States, Germany, Italy, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Brazil, Soviet Union, Singapore and get good reputation from them.

Marketing construction and sales network built by professional team and become the pioneer among the realm of machine tool equipment manufacturing. Besides, Auto Strong products focus not only on high quality, but excellence.

Even global changed itself rapidly, Di Chun insist one policy, developing new product, display our highly efficiency and professional, and create our value to the top level.
Auto Strong, as precise as eagle’s claw, is what Di Chun shows and captures customer’s hearts.

Di Chun, create miracles, worth trusting.

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