About Us

A sincere enterprise that is worthy to trust-Di Chun.

Craftsmanship, brand-new technology, professional service, highest quality; from Taiwan to the whole world.

Di Chun Iron Works is a chuck manufacturer, founded in 1974. Over the past 50 years, Di Chun has insisted on quality and specialized in the production of a full range of chuck products. It has been recognized by customers and has become a chuck supplier.

In 1992, Di Chun Iron Works established its own brand "AUTO STRONG", insisting that all products are made in Taiwan; Dedicating to innovation, aiming at the international automation machine tool market, renowned with customer praise and support; Di Chun is rigorous in the quality of raw material and precise manufacturing processes; Insisting on quality made Di Chun head to global and let the world know Taiwan.

Head To The Global Market And Taiwan Will Be Known Everywhere

Di Chun Iron Work offers a complete range of highly customized products and services in the field of chuck manufacturing. Auto Strong's standard chuck product is made of alloy steel material from Japan. Combined with the dedicated craftsmanship of traditional Taiwanese artisans. We meticulously manufacture our products with utmost care, showcasing the best quality of "Made in Taiwan." Our outstanding core competitiveness serves as the foundation for expanding globally, while Di Chun's sustainable development is supported by our united team of skilled artisans and our unwavering commitment to quality materials. Di Chun is a leading manufacturer of high-precision chucks, presenting customers with the finest quality and precision, truly exemplifying the best of "Made in Taiwan."

Strong Teamwork

The competition advantage is the capital for most business, but what support Di Chun to sustainable development is a team united as a strong family. We insist a concept of “tolerance diversity, placing every employee to the right position”, in order to advance the ability, we create a comfortable working environment, training them to be specialist and share the profit together. There is an ancient Chinese saying: “If people’s hearts together, the great mountain can be moved”, Di Chun policy is based on traditional Taiwanese spirits which is serious and responsible, and completely reflected the best quality of “Made in Taiwan”.

Advanced Technology
Research Innovative
Challenge Beyond The Limit

Di Chun represents the culture of “people- oriented” and participate this policy in various aspects: “Traditional spirits, based on honor, reliable quality; new concepts, understanding the trend of the world; advanced technology, research innovative, challenge beyond the limit.”

Today, Di Chun persists developing product perfect than ever not only by approved by ISO & CE, but severe self-demanding , This is what we perform and doubtless we have confidence that we are going to be the top one machine tool equipment manufacturer in the future.

This is Di Chun, create miracles, worth trusting.